Measure the width of the actual finished opening and then the height. Garage Doors sizes are always shown and listed with the width first then the height. Example: 16′ wide x 7′ tall.

With the garage door fully closed, simply pull the red release cord down toward the floor. (Take caution to only release the operator from the door while the door is in the closed position, since the door may slam closed if in the up position). Some older models of operators may not have the red release cord, consult your owners manual of how the release the operator from the door. If you have an older operator that does not have the red release cord, you might consider updating to a new garage door operator with this feature.

Open the door halfway manually (release the operator first) and then let go of the door. The door should stay in the same position with a slight drifting. If the door wants to drop or open on its own the garage door springs should be adjusted by an experienced garage door technician. Caution: Garage door springs are under high tension and require special tools to adjust, to avoid injury do not attempt to repair garage door springs yourself.

It is a broken spring more than likely and should only be replaced by a qualified garage door technician. There are two types of garage door springs- torsion springs, which are on a bar above the door in the front of the garage, or extension springs which are hooked to cables on each side of the door next to the track. If your garage door has more than one spring, we suggest that both springs be replaced since both of the springs have had the same amount of stress on them. It is also more economical to change both springs at once, to avoid two service calls.

Probably the garage door cables have come off of the drum. Caution: The cables will still be under the tension of the springs, and should not be touched without the proper knowledge or tools needed for repair. Call a professional garage door technician for service.

Yes, the cable should be replaced by a professional garage door technician.

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