MGD is your best choice family owned and managed garage door store. We pride ourselves in great knowledge, product, professionalism, & customer service Go see them!

Mickey Wilson Rothschild

From the moment I called for an estimate until the installer pulled out of our driveway, Madisonville Garage Doors provided excellent customer service and quality installation. We are thrilled with our doors and will recommend this company always! Thank you for making this an amazing, stress free experience!

Jennifer Fireline Wilhite

Thank you for your great service. Your workers are so friendly and helpful, even when they had to come on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

Kelli Gibson

This company has been phenomenal from jump! They came the same day we called and gave us an estimate, after our garage door was damaged in an accident. They then scheduled us the same week our door was delivered to them! We could not have asked for the initial process to have gone smoother. Their installers were also very nice and knowledgeable. They did an excellent job installing our door. I highly recommend this business. They are very friendly, prompt, and professional. Thanks guys for making my entry to my home safe again... YOU ARE THE BOMB in my book!

Dorothy C.

Love this company. I have purchased a total of 5 doors and operators from them. They are very knowledgeable and they always have service with a smile. Lois definitely is the star of the show. She is always smiling and happy to help with anything and everything. Great company, I would recommend no one else to touch your garage doors. Great prices and they also offer discounts to first responders. Vast array of different styles of doors and their installers are the best. Love the fact that the owner is in the building and is always open to a conversation.

Stephen H.

Excellent service and I love my new door. The team of installation workers were very professional and worked timely and offered excellent customer service. I recommend them for all garage services needed.

Pamela J.

I was having trouble with my garage door closing, so I called Madisonville Garage Doors, spoke with Doug. He was nice enough to come over and verify that I should stop messing with it, lol. Said he'd send a tech. Adam just came over, found an electrical problem, fixed that and lubed/adjusted everything and now my garage door works better than anything else I own.
Thanks Doug and Adam!

Ritchie M.

Had a very complicated 4 operator install. The service technicians handled it without a flaw. I would recommend them for ANY garage door project that you have. I could not be happier!

Glen B.

I needed a oversize residential door. They placed it on order and delivered on time and it has worked flawlessly for the last 2 years!

Terry B.